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Our knowledge and experience lies at the intersection of technology, innovation and business acumen. Our solutions facilitate and optimise your process, not only by immediately meeting your technical and digital needs but also by a thorough assessment of your business to understand exactly what you need to get to the end result.

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Trust-Building Through Transparency

We believe that transparency is crucial to build trust. We know you’re tired of hearing ambitious promises from agencies that are based on performance metrics with no concrete basis, yet demand a huge budget.

At Digital Ninja you get transparency on processes and money invested, with no hidden fees. You’ll be informed of all the steps executed during the project and most importantly, we only promise what we can deliver.

The steps we will follow in our partnership

A 360 perspective of your needs

Help us understand what you are trying to achieve with your project: Do you want to digitize, automate a process? Do you want to make a lot of sales? Do you want to bring awareness to the launch of a new product? Improve the customer experience?

When you come to us with a task, you need to understand how it fits into an ecosystem and more importantly, what your company wants to achieve.

Building a team

We collaborate with experts in several fields: WEB & CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, SEO, CONTENT MARKETING, USER EXPERIENCE etc.,.

For each project, we identify what skills are needed to have a flawless execution process.

You will receive an execution plan, in which we will present you with a timeline, technical summary and budget. Your assigned project manager will explain each stage, answer your questions and complete the project.

Project implementation

We focus on delivering the project in the most efficient way. No matter how complex a stage is, we make sure the result is long-lasting. What we want is to deliver a solution that is moulded to your needs, is easy to use and as maintenance independent as possible.

Constant support

Whether you need long-term support or sporadic collaborations, we’re excited to build a long-term partnership.Our work is rewarding when we’re invested in the success of your business.

Custom software

Custom plugin for integration with eCommerce business

Easy and quick to install, time and money saver, but especially your nerves!

More online orders – more happy customers

Custom software for passenger transport management

It is an innovative solution that allows transport companies to manage resources and activities within their own organisation.
It all happens online

Increases your profit and reduces unnecessary company costs

Custom software for Taxi companies

Comanda.Taxi is a unique call-taking solution for taxi dispatchers using just a browser.

Easy, innovative and profitable!

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